The Silk Road

There are many favorite places I want to go. The Silk Road is one of them. Why? There are many reasons. Many people may not know this place because it is mostly located in the heart of Eurasian continent.






It is a thousands mile road network connecting the Chinese old capital Xi’an (Chang’an) to Rome. The road passed through many empires such as Persian, Indian, Arabia, and Byzantium also hundreds of small kingdoms. It is called Silk Road because it originally was used to transport many goods between these two great empire, such as silk from China. But silk was not the only goods. Gold, precious stones, spices, ceramics, glasses, and food were also traded for thousand years. It is also believed that the famous story of Monkey King based on the legendary monk Xuan Zang who travelled along Silk Road to India to fetch the Buddha sutras.


The painting inside the Mogao Cave showing the monk Xuan Zang performing ceremony for Bodhisatva

The painting inside the Mogao Cave showing the monk Xuan Zang performing ceremony for Bodhisatva

Exploring the whole Silk Road is an impossible task. We can only visit small parts of the road, selecting several favorite places where the natural scenery is breathtaking and the cultural heritage is amazing. These places include Mogao Cave (Caves of the Thousand Buddhas) in Dunhuang. The caves contain some of the finest examples of Buddhist art spanning a period of 1,000 years from 4th century AD. Another place is the capital of Qin, Han, and Tang dinasties in Xi’an, where you can see the Terracota Army and the Tomb of Qin Emperor.

When will I be there? Someday

Have someone been there before? Would you mind sharing your experience?


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  1. Dear Yalun Arifin,

    I am Aries Satriyo from Bandung, as you know I am the first man join your blog and Now I will give my knowledge in your hobby in Travelling around the world.
    You suggest someone to give information in “The Silk Road”, you can have enjoyed in National Geographic magazine and click the website and then you can type in search box name assistant editor Mike Edwards. His travel in silk road was published in 2001 or 2000, may be I didn’t forget .
    O.K. pak Yalun have enjoyed my information.
    I am your student in Chemical Engineering and I was prepared to attend Master degree in ITB Bandung.
    Have a nice day.

    Best Regrds,

    Aries Satriyo.
    Emai address :

  2. Hi Aries,
    Thanks for the info.
    Good luck for your master study.
    Are you also working as an engineering consultant?

  3. Dear Yalun Arifin,

    I am glad to hear you and I am appreciate about you are directly open my comment. Recently, I am with my friend have established some Consultant Firm in Electrical, as you know there is no connection with my background study in Chemical. You may asking , Why ?
    I will tell you later.

  4. Destination Covered: Beijing – Urumqi – Kashgar – Turpan – Dunhuang – Xian – Shanghai

    Tour Features: In 15 days trip you will have an unusual impression by touring along the ancient Silk Road, visiting the historical ruins and caves symbolising the ancient civilisation, and exploring mysterious ethnic minorities as well as tasting the different special foods. Detailed Itinerary

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