The positive aspects of Western education system (part 1)

Each education system certainly has its own pros and cons. However, I prefer to discuss about the positive aspects of each, starting from the Western system.

One of these positive things is the the system allow many opportunities for the student to present his/herself in front of the class. My kids always have a show and tell session at least once every week where they can show and tell a story about something they have or they like to do. For example, they bring their toy and tell their teachers and friends why they like it or how to play with it. It is their favorite session. By this, the children can learn a good communication skill since they are very young. They also can learn on how to be a good listener and respect other’s idea. It will also improve the self confidence. In addition, it will make the children become more creative simply because they have a freedom the express themself in both oral or written. Self actualisation is one of the main basic needs.

The second part I will talk about how teachers motivate the students. Just wait!


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