The best air to air missile from the USA, Russia, and China

After comparing the jet fighters of these three main military powers, the next thing is to see what the weapons. The jet fighter weapons range from fixed armament such as 20-30 mm canons, air to air/ground/sea missiles, and smart bombs. During modern air combat, beside the pilot skill, the next important thing is the beyond visual range (BVR) capability of each fighter. This is determined by the avionics and medium range missile capability. F-22’s avionic is one generation more advanced than any Sukhoi family or whatever in Chinese inventory. However, the missiles are still quite comparable.



F-22 probably has a most advanced missile. Its AIM-120D AMRAAM has a range 95 km, combined with a sophisticated avionics, makes F-22 a most lethal fighter. Russia R-77 (AA-12) although has been claimed to posses better maneuverability and range (175 km), it does not have any combat experience yet. Also, the avionics systems on board Sukhoi and Mig jet fighters are less proven than their American counterpart. On the other hand, China recently produce it latest missile, the SD-10 that is used in its J-10 and J-11 fighters. It has a range of 80 km, making it is comparable to AIM-120C.



Russian R-77

Russian R-77

Chinese SD-10 BVRAAM

Chinese SD-10 BVRAAM








By judging from the specification, R-77 could be the best BVR missile in service today. It only need some combat experience to prove its capability. AIM-120C had been used effectively during Kosovo and Iraq Wars. Lastly, SD-10, although still inferior to both American dan Russian have, has shown a great potential of Chinese future military technology.


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  1. Also keep a watch India is not far behind. Beware Astra is coming…..

  2. At one time during an African conflict(Euthopian conflict) it has been highlighted that Russian Mig fired some 29+missiles to score 1 hit !! Morever once in the late 90’s or early 2000’s a Pakistani intruder was fired by an Indian Mig-21 over the skies of Gujrat, no dought it was hit but the Pakistani Intruder managed to bring the damaged plane well into the vincinity of their own airspace, (of what good that hit was? Indian Air Force uses Russian weapons). The gist is Russian air-to-air structure is yet to make a real determinant factor. By that comparasion US had proved far beyond necessary the battle worth of their air-to-air combact capability(Gulf war and Kosovo). No dought of lately Russians have produced remarkable breakthrough maneuverability fighter jets so much so that has raised new fear in opposition but in real time the ‘sword’ that is used to ‘kill’ should be well ‘sharped’ ; of what good of an excellent warrior with a ‘blunt sword’ ?
    The Chinese on the other side is a dragon that is flexing its muscle and is begining to make unthinkable strides. With its US $ 2.5 T in its belly and an GDP growth of 10%+per annum one should better visualise what the giant will be in their proscribed dream of 2025 !

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  4. thanks for this information.And we will update it if possible……

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