The negative impacts of Indonesian Pornography Act

In the coming weeks, Indonesian House of Representative (DPR) will pass the long debated Pornography Bill. The detail can be read in:

Bahasa Indonesia:



The most dangerous part of this bill is the definition of the pornography. According to wikipedia, the common definition is the explicit depiction of sexual subject matter with the sole intention of sexually exciting the viewer. So, the keyword is explicit depiction.

However, the definition in the Indonesian bill:

Bahasa Indonesia:

Pornografi adalah materi seksualitas yang dibuat oleh manusia dalam bentuk gambar, sketsa, ilustrasi, foto, tulisan, suara, bunyi, gambar bergerak, animasi, kartun, syair, percakapan, gerak tubuh, atau bentuk pesan komunikasi lain melalui berbagai bentuk media komunikasi dan/atau pertunjukan di muka umum, yang dapat membangkitkan hasrat seksual dan/atau melanggar nilai-nilai kesusilaan dalam masyarakat.


Pornography is a material of sexuality made by humans  in the form of pictures, sketch, illustration, photo, writing, noise , moving picture, animation, cartoon, poetry, conversation, body language or another form of communication through many kinds of media and/or public showing of something that will result in a sexual desire and/or breaking acceptable moral norms in the society.

Hence, it is both explicit and implicit. With this, each person could have very different interpretation.

Several negatif impacts expected:

1. Women (but not men) are not allowed to wear swimsuit at the pool, because the body languange or movement may arouse the sexual desire in public area.

2. Women are not allowed to wear traditional Javanese kebaya because it exposes the cleavage that may incite sexual desire. It is also for any other clothing that may show the body curve.

3. Kissing in public, for example in a wedding ceremony is prohibited

4. Gymnastic and swimming are banned sports, especially for women

5. Flirting can be dangerous. You can be put into jail.

6. Artwork such as paintings, sculptures, songs that may arouse any sexual desire have to be eliminated. Imagine, some religious radicals destroy Borobudur because it has a depiction of naked or half naked women.

7. Many Indonesian cultures are threatened to become extinct just because they are considered as porn by the radicals. This could trigger horizontal conflicts among people.

8. Many others, maybe you can add something.

So, the bill that is said to protect women, actually discriminate women. It treat women as the object that may harm the men morality. Also, what is wrong with a sexual desire? As long as it is controlled, sexual desire is a good thing and a gift for us as human. However, I think if the mind is dirty, whatever good things will look dirty anyway.

The main point is the most important cause is the human brain activity. If men brain focusing on sexuality, no matter how much the women cover their body or how strict the law is, they are useless. Indonesian female workers in Saudi Arabia are still often raped by Arabs although they wear burqa that completely cover the body.

We also should be aware that this law may be one of the steps leading Indonesia to the second Taliban society.

I believe with a good education, the people will understand and be more mature to decide whether a certain information or material is good or not. This happens in many developed countries where the morality of the society is better than what it is seen in Indonesia.

Thus, the government should focus on the education rather than supporting this idiotic radical bill. A good education, including sex education, is an ultimate need for the Indonesian society.

to be continued in:

18 Responses

  1. Other bad impacts:
    Tourism, especially in Bali, will be hardly hit. No wonder the Balinese are the strongest opponent of the law.

    The radical organization such as FPI, HTI, MMI will have a legal basis (article 21 of the law) to do the violence.

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  3. A condition that shows that a lot of Indonesian people, especially the government can’t think. If the law is legalized, a lot of Indonesia’s culture will be erased. Do they think about it ? What a crazy nation…..

  4. all those high value art objects created by artists, such as: Bali wood carvings, sculpture and paintings, Asmat wood carving will later need to be destroyed or covered in public.

    Genuine traditional clothing style for Indo women cannot be worn anymore: all Indo ethnical female clothings gone and replaced by Arab style female clothing!

    What a shame! A nation without identity!

  5. but there is one thing that can relieve us from the bad impact of the Indo Porn Law: that is: in Indo everything is governed by law, but no law that persists or enforced in practical life!!
    so I expect that this law will have fate like other Indo laws: not enforced and they will have no power to maintain it to be enforced.
    what will you do if you see a woman wear sexy clothing on street? put her into jail? how many women you can put into jail by this fool law?

    the real values in the practical life of the society is the one that really govern our social life behavior. so I expect, though this law is endorsed, life will be the same like before, since there is no change in our society mind about this issue.

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  7. Yes, it may as usual that the law is not enforced. But, I am sure that once the law or bill has been passed, like I said before the radical organizations like FPI, HTI, and MMI will use it as a legal basis to break into any house or beat people that they believe to be the source of porn. The problem is, their definition of porn is extremely lunatic, bigotry, and stupid.

  8. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  9. Indonesian women, speak up, please! This is your life at stake..

  10. Unfortunately, the bill has been passed. Hopefully, the negative effects could be minimalized during the implementation. However, I support the judicial review of the law that will be proposed by the opponents. Although it may be slim, there is still a chance to revise the law.

    Also, actually many well educated Moslems reject this law. The reasons are the same like I have. The law put women even lower than before. It also insult the men for not being able to control their sex behaviour.

  11. An article in Kompas by GKR Hemas, a Queen of Jogjakarta province who opposes this radical law. It is in Bahasa Indonesia.

  12. another very negative impact :
    many people offended, including you 🙂
    but I don’t, too many fundamental problems for which I can’t think another mere matters such porn, and goyang dombret

  13. Nope, I am not offended. I am just worry

  14. Hmmm…. okay, after all of education and financial problems ended, we can discuss about this matter about pornography again, right?

    Can’t wait for it.. -_-‘

  15. great reviews, thank you

  16. I very glad to find this site on bing, just what I was searching for : D also bookmarked .

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