A good customer service

We regularly go to the swimming pool for the kids swimming class during weekend. The pool is located in the University of Queensland (UQ) sport complex. As usual, we went there last weekend. But once we arrived, we were noticed that we had to wait. The kids’ pool needed to be cleaned because a toddler had just vomitted. It might took more than 15 minutes but the class was only 30 minutes. So, the instructors suggested to ask for a make up class to replace the class that day. Unfortunately, the make up class was fully booked. Alternatively, they gave me a credit worth of one session. That’s fair enough.

However, my kids, especially my daughter were disappointed. Noticing this, the instructors took them to the big Olympic standard pool for adults. Since it was very deep for kids, one instructor was responsible to guard one kid. Usually, one instructor can handle three kids in a kids’ pool.

My daughter with her instructor. It was a fun for her

My daughter with her instructor. It was a fun for her


My kids were happy. It was their first time in a big deep pool. They were not afraid. It was fun for them actually. Actually, I did not expect this because they returned my money anyway. This reminded me of many cases in Japan. Japanese are good in customer service. They will apologize deeply if they unintentionally perform a bad service by offering gifts or extra service. It is because they realize that they have taken the customer time and time is money.