This page contains several files such as the handouts that I made years ago and images. The content will be updated in regularly basis.

Hand out on Fermentation Technology / Teknologi Fermentasi




DNA and protein synthesis

DNA and protein synthesis

Enzyme and cell growth



6 Responses

  1. genetics.ppt nya ta donlot yo mas makasih banyak

  2. ak donlod “fermentasi”. mksh ya…

  3. Salam,
    Makasih atas blog sharingnya, sangat membantu qt2x yang masih awam dalam mengenal bioteknologi, bidang yang asyik buat dipelajari. Thks

  4. Hi, I would like to ask where did you get your information in preparing the slides for fermentation technology? They seem really useful, but are mostly in point forms, and are not easy to understand. Are there any suggested readings/textbooks you can provide me with, as I am currently doing a project on fermentation. Thanks a lot for your help!!

    • Hi, try the books:
      The Introduction to Bioprocess Technology by Michael Shuler and Fikret Kargi
      Biochemical Engineering by Harvey Blanch.

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